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The United Kingdom offers extremely good business immigration opportunities for those wishing to work,  set up business as a new or enhamce an  existing business if you meet the conditions and criteria.

 Appplications and evidence are  specific and thorough and  a genuine and well prepared application can detemine your success. 

Whether you are looking at immigration routes for working in the UK for a short or long term, or  investing, innovating or to bring in exceptional talent to the UK via the Tiers 1, 2, or 5 of the Points Based System. Whether you are an employer looking to recruit employees from abroad or want to: 

  • acquire an employer sponsor licence,
  • understand resident labour market test, 
  • understand Sponsor compliance and  about. 
  • Home Office action taken against sponsors. Or the
  • rules for PBS dependants and other routes, including,
  • sole representative of an overseas company,
  • Business visitor,
  • EU law rights in business immigration,
  • the right to work,
  • illegal working and employer’s liability, browse this website for information. 

Please visit the pages related to your specific application to understand more  or contact Piya if it is not yet on this site

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