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Employment law in the United Kingdom is designed to regulate relations between workers, employers, employees and trade unions.  The law is found in various legislations, regulations, common law and equity. Employment law includes (not inclusive):

  • the right to a minimum wage, under the National Minimum Wage Act 1998.
  • The Working Time Regulations 1998 give the right to 28 paid
    holidays, breaks from work, and attempts to limit excessively long working
  • The Employment Rights Act 1996 gives the right to leave for
    childcare, and the right to request flexible working patterns.
  • The Pensions Act 2008 gives the right to be automatically
    enrolled in a basic occupational pension, whose funds must be protected
    according to the Pensions Act 1995; and,
  • Equalities Act 2010 make it unlawful for an employer to
    treat employees unfavourably against each other.

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