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Legal MOT to help you build or grow your business

A weekend of disscussion on business
from business by legal & business experts

28th - 29th November 2020

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Legal Sprinkles Host & Trainer-Piya Mayenin!


Start or Boost your Business 

Covid has really taken its toll and challenged our love and humanity. It has challenged our strength to carry on.  Many are confused with the way forward. 

Whether you are a small business, entrepreneur, creative, coach, event curator, employer, employee or any other business – the world needs you  and we need to get you going! 

….So, here’s what!  I have taken all my experience of over 19 years of legal experience and experience of running businesses and used that to develop courses empowered with legal sprinkles  to empower business minded entrepreneurs, small businesses and those wanting to work in the UK, from anywhere in the globe, through understanding key legal essentials of Immigration, employment,  commercial and business law foundations. The tailored courses will have every expert on board according to the subject. 

What to expect

You will learn:  Business ideas, How to get started, business models, client contracts, global mobility & recruiting from all over the world including EEA from January 2021 and you will understand better, UK Skilled Visa and other PBS visas Employer’s right-to-work checks, Sponsorship compliance, HR duties, responsibilities and much more.

I must emphasise that I will not be giving legal advice as every client’s circumstances are different and I cannot give everyone individual consultations. 

I am a consultant solicitor working with law firms in the UK and can give legal advice through them if anyone wishes.

Sign up and let me take you to the next platform where you can let me know something about yourself and your journey in life or business, so that I can know you more and most of all, keep being positive because the world needs you!!

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Client Contracts

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Compliance on
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Tier 1, Tier 2,
Tier 5 &Sponsors

Buiness Models
for your business

Employer &
Employee Duties

Future of EEA
& Swiss Migrants

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